Just BlazeDS

That’s the name of the next open source project I’m getting into. It was started out by Espen Dalløkken in February 2008, as an investigation on part of the Live Cycle (LC) suite from Adobe Labs, called BlazeDS. It is open source and makes it real easy to integrate the client flex application with the server.

You can find the source code at http://just-blaze-ds.googlecode.com

Technology stack:

  • Flex / Air
  • Blaze DS
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Jetty

Of course this is a good opportunity to promote BDoc, so the application will be documented with user stories generated from the test code. Since functional testing of the GUI is a nice thing to support, we will add that as well. Hopefully with some help from the FunFX guys.  The GUI will also get an overhaul.

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