You code, BDoc documents

Meet me at Smidig2008, 9-10 October.
This is the introduction to my lightning talk:

Documentation will often be outdated the moment it has been written. Documenting is often considered to be a boring task as well. BDoc is a tool that produces documentation of the system from unit tests. When the a test change, the documentation will change. BDoc also supports Behaviour-driven development (BDD) and could be used to associate tests with user stories.

This talk is for you who have a need for updated documentation of a system. You could be a developer, tester or a responsible for the system being documented. BDoc could also be used to document behaviour that is unpractical to implement as functional acceptance tests.

BDoc is written for Maven2 and supports tests written in JUnit3, Junit4 and TestNG. Current version is 0.7.8 and is mature enough to use. Read more at

Read more about my norwegian talk here

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